Signature Face 5-Piece Face Brush Set

Signature Face 5-Piece Face Brush Set

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You asked, we answered. Here by popular demand is Ariel’s curation of five elite face brushes. Using his expertise, the celebrity makeup artist known for his signature look—stunning eyes, seamless blends, perfect lines, and face-defining highlights and contours—meticulously developed, tested, and perfected these brushes. As you bounce, pat, swipe, and blend, it’s as if Ariel, himself, is applying his signature look on you.

For me, doing makeup has always felt like sculpting—with the right tools your vision can come to life. But while developing these brushes, I realized how much makeup has actually shaped me. That’s why I chose the brushes in this kit and named them after the people, events, and memories that have been essential in sculpting who I am today. I hope they have as much of an impact on your life and artistry as they do on mine.



  • 5 essential complexion brushes for a complete face kit
  • Soft synthetic and natural bristles
  • High-performance craftsmanship for professional-grade results
  • Developed, tested, and perfected by Ariel to create his signature look


  • A21 Setting & Bronzing Brush (natural)

    “At age 21, I became much more sure of myself. My powder brush sets things in place, and I feel like the year I turned 21, my identity and confidence was set, too. I was able to look back and say, ‘Damn, I really made my dream come true by being 100% myself. I really did that.’”

  • A24 Foundation Brush (synthetic)

    “This is my absolute favorite brush, so I had to name it after my mom: A24 because her birthday is March 24. My Mama is my rock, she’s my foundation. Without this foundation brush, the looks I create wouldn’t be my signature looks. And without my mom, I wouldn’t be who I am.”

  • A58 Cream Contour Brush (natural)

    “My dad was born in ’58—sorry for aging you, Papa! I had to dedicate this brush to him because this Cream Contour Brush shapes and sculpts the face. And that’s what my dad did: He molded me into the man I am today.”

  • A14 Precision Setting Brush (natural)

    “I met my best friend in 2014. She always believed that I’d be a star. I can’t live without my bestie just like I cannot complete my signature looks without this brush. I use this brush for almost every step of my makeup application. It really is a makeup artist’s best friend.”

  • A22 Blush Brush (natural)

    “This is my lucky brush—my 11+11 brush. Without realizing it, this brush really took my artistry to another level. Blush can subtly transform a look, and this brush allowed me to make slight shifts in my blush technique that creates that signature Ariel complexion.”