PRO Members


Current PRO Discount – 20%

Thank you for your interest in applying for our fantastic PRO membership! The cost is only $25 for one year ($15 student discount is for 6 months). Before you apply, you will need to have pictures of the following items in your computer or device so you can upload them to our website and complete the check-out process:


1. Graduate from a professional beauty program:
  • Certificate of completion (makeup program) OR
  • Cosmetology/Esthetician license AND
  • Photocopy of ID
2. Self taught make up artist:
  • Copy of your business card AND
  • Link to your website** AND
  • Photocopy of ID
3. Student enrolled in a beauty related course:
  • Copy of your current registration in the course OR
  • Letter from the school indicating you are currently enrolled AND
  • Photocopy of ID


All items listed above are required and cannot be substituted or omitted. You can apply for a PRO Membership directly on our website using the link below. You will be uploading image (picture) files of the necessary documents, adding the membership to your cart and paying for the membership via your shopping cart. Once you have completed the check out process, a representative will review your documents and contact you via email with your PRO account number upon approval. Please allow 2-4 weeks for review once your documents have been received. The processing fee is non-refundable.


**Note for option 2, "your website" cannot be a Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, Youtube or other social media website. It also cannot be a website you do not personally own. The website must display your work and reference your personal or contact information as a makeup artist.

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