Get (or stay) on top of your lash game with our lineup of wispy, winged styles that pair light-weight bands with soft, natural hair fibers. Dial up the drama by stacking them, or just go solo. Either way, you’re going to kill it.

How To Care For Your Lashes

  • Wrap your new Lashes around a brush handle for a few seconds to increase flexibility and get a good fit.
  • End of the night? Gently remove lashes by lifting the band, beginning at the inner corner of the eye. Be careful, babe.
  • If your lashes have buildup (glue, mascara, glitter, etc.), gently brush them through with a clean lash comb or Spoolie. Still got some stragglers? Gently use tweezers to clean up the last of the glue.
  • Keep your lashes cozy in their original box or let them hang with their friends in the Lash Book.