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The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Feb 28, 2024

3 min read

The real makeup girlies know – cleaning your makeup brushes is a self-care step we all need. Not only can dirty brushes grow bacteria, oil, and makeup residue which can lead to breakouts (ew), but not cleaning your makeup brushes also an affect the way your foundation and complexion products look on your skin. You also know there’s nothing more luxe than a fluffy clean brush on your skin. From our new Lightform Extended Hydration Foundation to our best-selling Filter Effect Soft Radiance Foundation, we know out stuff when it comes to a flawless complexion to brush on your artistry. This is your guide to all things brush hygiene.

Staying in on a Friday night to wash your makeup brushes? Total boss move.

How often should I clean my makeup brushes?

Think about it – you do laundry weekly, wash your bedding bi-weekly, and the dishwasher is always full. Why shouldn’t your makeup brushes get the same love all your other lifestyle staples get? Whether you are working with a full makeup brush set
or just a well-used beauty sponge, we recommend that you are cleaning your makeup brushes and tools weekly to maintain the integrity of the brushes and those gorgeous looks you’ve been creating lately.

Make it a fun night – throw on some music, a face mask, and pour a fun little drink (seltzer, champagne, whatever your vibe) to wash your makeup brushes. Make it a part of your weekly self-care regimen and you’ll soon see what a huge difference washing your makeup brushes makes.

What should I use to clean my makeup brushes?

It’s time to gather up your makeup brush cleaning essentials – and make sure you are not using any harsh chemicals or soaps that could damage the bristles. These are your babies. Gather together a gentle brush cleanser, antibacterial soap, a bowl of lukewarm water, a clean towel, and you can even find a brush cleaning mat designed specifically to clean your makeup brushes.

Create a space and lay everything out, then gather together all the brushes and beauty sponges you would like to clean. 

How do I clean my makeup brushes?

Start by wetting the brushes bristles with the lukewarm water before applying any cleanser or soap – this helps loosen the makeup residue and creates a surface for the most effective cleaning ritual. Next apply your soap or cleanser to the bristles, swirling the cleanser into the brush to lathering it up and make sure the soap is getting into every crevice. You can then cleanse the brush into the cleaning mat, or simply swirl it around in the water, working the cleanser through with your fingers.

Swirl the bristles on the palm of your hand, then rinse and repeat until the water appears clear. Gently squeeze out any excess moisture. Finish by reshaping the bristles, then place the brush flat or upside-down to air-dry. Avoid using hot water and wetting the handles of your makeup brushes.

"Staying in on a Friday night to wash your makeup brushes? Total boss move."

How do I store my makeup brushes?

Whatever you do, do not allow your makeup brushes to dry standing straight up – this can damage the handle and hardware of your brushes and loosen the bristles. Instead, let them air dry on a flat surface on top of the clean towel, with the bristles hanging slightly over the edge.

Once fully dry, you can get back to that artistry, with gorgeous, clean makeup brushes you deserve. Then keep them in a clean case or container.

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