How To Get The Snow Angel Look

Dec 15, 2023

2 min read

Ethereal, sparkling perfection. The icy holiday look you’ll want to live in.

That first snowfall – it absolutely glitters, doesn’t it? The iridescent way each snowflake falls from the wintry sky, landing in drifts and hills that sparkle better than any lip gloss you’ve ever tried. Morphe gets it – sometimes you want to look like an ethereal snow angel around the holidays. And you know what? You absolutely can. Whether you are looking for an airy and celestial holiday makeup look for the office Christmas party or just want to look like the dazzling top to the tree, we’ll get you gleaming like the most perfect snow angel in just a few steps.


Apply your base as usual – we
recommend Morphe Filter Effect Concealer
and Foundation
because it delivers a nourishing radiance and that enviable lit-from-within
glow. It’s also long-wearing in case you decide to scamper through some snow


Using the holiday limited edition
palette Morphe
35TE Tease The Season Eyeshadow Palette
cover the lid with shade No Regifts. Then let’s build up
some sparkle by applying the silver shade Nice List up into the brow arch and
the inner corners of the eye. Then finish the holiday eyeshadow look off with
the Morphe
Make It Big Volumizing Mascara.


Instead of blush for this holiday makeup look, we
are going all in on sparkle. Take the shade Nice List again and drape it
lightly across your cheekbones like you would a highlighter. The silver should
blend into your eyes and really catch the light when you move.


Choose a gloss that’s high gloss
and high glam, like the Morphe
x Meredith Duxbury Eye, Face & Lip Gloss
. Apply all
over your lips. Then find out BFF shade Nice List again (can’t have too much
silver when it comes to the Snow Angel look) and blend it nicely out from the
center of your bottom lip. Make sure to set your look with the Morphe
Continuous Setting Mist
so it stays snowfall after

Is that a literal angel? Basically
– it’s you.  

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