How To Get The Slay Ride Look

Dec 15, 2023

2 min read

Wind-chilled and cheeky – the best holiday makeup look for a seasonal date night.

Faux fur, snow on your nose and eyelashes, and the holiday date night of your dreams – what’s the look, though? Get ready for a total slay ride (get it?) with this smoky neutral winter look that pairs well with any chic holiday fit. The holidays only come once a year, so make it count with this holiday makeup look that’s easy to master and totally slayssss (okay, we’ll stop).


We are beyond proud of the limited
edition Morphe
35TE Tease The Season Eyeshadow Palette
because it truly serves endless
looks. For this holiday
makeup look, first prep the eyelids with the Morphe
Eyelid Primer.
Cover the base of the eyelid with the shade Laid Bare, then shade
Full Package for the transition shade. Blend Full Package out into a subtle
shaped wing, then apply Stocking Stunner on the inner corner and center lid.

On the inner corner up to the brow
bone, apple shade Highly Gifted, and buff Stocking Stunner lightly above the
winged shape. Line the upper lash line with It’s A Secret, and the bottom lash
line with Stocking Stunner. Blend the bottom out lightly with Full Package –
blend, blend, blend it all out. Then finish the holiday eyeshadow look off with
the Morphe
Make It Big Volumizing Mascara.


We are so obsessed with the fluffy
matte texture of our Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse, we love its versatility as a
blush. Mix together shades Quick
and Other
and tap in shade Full Package from your holiday eyeshadow palette
for a neutral, soft chocolate flush.


What’s more holiday than velvet? Create
a holiday date night-worthy lip look with the Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse in
shades Quick Crush and Other Half just like your cheeks, then dab shade
Stocking Stunner from your palette in the center of the bottom lip for some
shine. You’re all ready to slay.


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