How To Get The Dancing Queen Look

Dec 15, 2023

2 min read

For the makeup lovers who think the holidays are for partying.

Staying inside on the holidays, binge watching something in your jammies – you don’t know her. You’re a holiday party hopper, from themed dinners, work ragers, and just about anything you can throw a glitter lip on for, you’re there (and you’re the last one to leave). This holiday makeup look? It’s for you.

Pro tip: just make sure to take your look off before you go to bed, you dancing queen.


This holiday makeup look truly
lets our limited edition Morphe
35TE Tease The Season Eyeshadow Palette
First prep the eyelids with the Morphe
Eyelid Primer.
apply shade Season’s Treatings all over the eyelid. Then mix shades Festive
Rush and What I Want with a little spritz of Continuous
Prep & Set Mist+
for a creamier texture. Create an accentuated cut crease with
this new shade and bring it to your inner corners. Line the bottom lash line
with shade What I Want. Then finish the holiday eyeshadow look off with the Morphe
Make It Big Volumizing Mascara.


This dancing queen holiday look is
all about a flush, a blush, and drama. Drape shade Love Morphe from the above
palette as a blush, sculpting the cheekbone for effect. Blend shade Season’s
Treatings up into the eye look and blend to it connects. Lastly, highlight your
cheekbones with shade What I Want.


Trying to avoid the mistletoe?
This iconic glitter holiday
lip look is for you. Start with the Morphe Soulmatte
Velvet Lip Mousse
in shade Bella. Then tap the glitter shade Pink Ribbon from the edition
35TE Tease The Season Eyeshadow Palette
onto lips. Make sure to finish it
with a solid spritz of Continuous
Prep & Set Mist+
so it stays on straight until New Year’s. 


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