Behind Ethereal Makeup: The Aurascape Collection

Jan 4, 2024

4 min read

I used to treat myself to an aura reading once a year. There’s a small store in Chinatown, NYC that sells jade stones and old cameras, and if you wait in line they’ll push you into a small corner, tell you to stare into their lens, and within minutes you’ll have a Polaroid of yourself awash in color. I was often violet and red, sometimes with a sun streak of yellow around my head like a halo. Then the question remains, how do you read auras? In this case I was told I was creative, independent, and strong-willed – all accurate no matter the year. I was also always told my aura reading showed I needed more sleep – also true.

What I loved about this ritual of having my aura read is it reminded me of who I was, and showcased the way I expressed myself with color. That aura reading camera saw me. The Morphe Aurascape Collection is a Morphe palette, Morphe lip gloss, and a brush set that tap into that celestial celebration in an array of pastel makeup and ethereal beauty so you can bring forth your true self – or manifest a different mood altogether.

Discover how Morphe created the Aurascape Collection, and the inspirations behind the palette, brushes, and lip glosses. I also sat down with Morphe Editorial Director, Alexander Shannon, to find out what Morphe’s aura might be.

35Y Artistry Palette

AU $44



AU $41

Face & Eye Brush Set

Meet The Collection 

Aurascape was created to unlock
alternate states of artistry. Meet the dreamy team. 

35Y Aurascape Artistry Palette

Let this sensorial playground of
35 dialed-up pastel eyeshadow
shades and pressed
pigments read your aura—energizing yellows, creative pinks, intuitive
purples, and inspiring blues—in rich matte, reflective shimmer, and brilliant
metallic finishes. 

Dripglass Glazed High Shine Lip

Glaze your lips in juicy,
semi-sheer color and pearlescent shine with a limited-edition raspberry scent
in three new shades called Stargaze, Frosé Bliss, and Cosmic Coral.  

Aurascape 6-Piece Vegan Face &
Eye Brush Set

The manifestation gets real with
this limited-edition curation of 6 travel-sized face and eye makeup brushes that buff,
blend, and line like a dream, plus the travel pouch to go with them.

How Aurascape Started


When Alex finished gushing to me
about how gorgeous the packaging was for the Aurascape Collection, he took a
breath to share how the idea of creating a line inspired by aura reading came
to be in the first place. “The 35-pan palette is a gradient of pastel colors,
and so the word Aurascape is a blend of ‘aura’ and ‘dreamscape,’ because there
are infinite color combinations you can create. This never-ending exploration
of who you are is very Morphe. Everyone is unique.”  

The shade names in the 35Y
Aurascape Artistry Palette are connected to what that color aura means.
“The shade names are either a pretty literal representation of what the colors
mean or exploring into new age language that speaks to that self-discovery,”
Alex said. “For example Grounded, Creativity, Intuition, are all about your
aura and what it evokes. Shade names like Dreamwalker, Pastel Projection, and
High Vibration are about alternate states of artistry.”  

When asked what shade or aura
Morphe would be, Alex didn’t hesitate. “High Vibration, for sure,” he said.
“It’s that purple shimmer that is all about a strong personality and point of
view, which is very Morphe. Also Dreamwalker, which is a also a shimmer blend
of pink, red, orange, and silver. The Morphe aura is very extra, and always

"Aurascape is a way of learning about yourself and the vibe you’re putting out, playing with how you perceive yourself and how it comes to life. Morphe and Aurascape empower all the ways you show up in the world."

What To Expect From Aurascape 

Keep an eye on this space for
which looks we’re loving to create with Aurascape (I know I’m all about
Dripglass in Frosé Bliss and any of the shimmer eyeshadow shades), but really
this Morphe collection
is about what mood is calling to you today. Whether that’s Independent,
Mystical, or Sleepy (just kidding), use Morphe to manifest whatever look you

“Aurascape is a way of learning about yourself and the vibe you’re
putting out, playing with how you perceive yourself and how it comes to life,”
Alex said. “Morphe and Aurascape empower all the ways you show up in the world.
It’s about the power of makeup and Morphe. Small touches can have a butterfly
effect, so you feel more like yourself, and then you show up differently. And
it goes without saying that the team is beyond proud of this collection.” 

So maybe you don’t need an annual aura reading to tap into your true self – you can do it at your own vanity at home with Aurascape.


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