Auraflush: The Purple Blush Look You Need Right Now

Jan 11, 2024

3 min read

How much blush is too much blush? If you ask me, the limit does not exist. And even though traditional blush shades like pinks, reds, and corals reign supreme when it comes to everyday looks, we love a switch-up over here at Morphe. We create full faces based on mood, meaning some days its chaotic AF and others is soft and subtle. It’s basically why we created a whole collection called Aurascape, so you could easily manifest the mood you want with stunning shades and finishes for your eyes, cheeks, and lips. What am I manifesting today? I’m feeling magical and artistic, which means a purple-pink blush makeup look (an AuraFLUSH or flush of blush, if you will), is the way to go.

It's just a few simple steps to level up your artistry and turn heads as you go about your day.

35Y Artistry Palette

AU $44



AU $41

Face & Eye Brush Set

The Base Canvas

You honestly could start off this flush of blush look with a makeup-less face, but why would you? Go about your everyday base routine with Morphe X Meredith Duxbury Foaming Face Primer to prep, Filter Effect Soft Focus Foundation for that smooth and hydrated look, and Filter Effect Soft Radiance Concealer to brighten. Easy as cake, right?

Flush With Blush

Grab your 35Y Aurascape Artistry Palette to get started. This sensorial palette is 35 dialed-up pastels—energizing yellows, creative pinks, intuitive purples, and inspiring
blues—in rich matte, reflective shimmer, and brilliant metallic finishes. Each shade is connected to a different aura. For this look we chose a blend of blush shimmer, matte blush, pastel blush, and even highlighter blush. 

For our purple-pink blush makeup look, blend shade Free Spirited across your cheek and up to your temple with a blush brush. Then buff shade Independence onto your cheekbone, leaving peeks of Free Spirited around the edge. Next, pop shade All Connected just on the apple of your cheek and blend away any harsh lines. Pro tip? Finish off by loosely brushing High Vibration onto the cheekbone to add an ethereal makeup shimmer. Blush as highlighter? Sign me up.

Finish It Off

The Aurascape Collection wouldn’t be complete without high-shine fresh Dripglass Glazed shades. For this look, Frosé Bliss is a  pink-violet shimmer that would pair perfectly with this purple blush moment.  Contour and line your lips with a corresponding lipliner, or swipe onto lips on its own.

Set Your Auraflush

All that hard work and you’re not gonna set it? Please. Take our tried, trusted, and much-loved Continuous Setting Mist and spritz your purple blush Aurascape look so it stays put until you’re sick of it. Which might be never. 

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"…feeling magical and artistic, which means a purple-pink blush makeup look (an AuraFLUSH, if you will), is the way to go."