Premium Lashes - A Lil' Extra


Premium Lashes - A Lil' Extra

AU $10 AU $22 

afterpay available for orders $35+


Buy any 2 Premium Lashes for AU$27 (AU$36 value). Use code: LASHLOVE.

These plush lashes layer on killer length and volume to create a look that’s perfect for your smokin’ hot self.


  • Customizable length perfect for all eye shapes
  • High-quality synthetic fibers
  • Intricately handmade
  • 10-15 average uses per pair
  • Vegan
  • Band: cotton


  • Wrap your new Premium Lashes around a brush handle for a few seconds to increase flexibility and get a good fit.
  • End of the night? Gently remove lashes by lifting the band, beginning at the inner corner of the eye. Be careful, babe.
  • If your lashes have buildup (read: glue, mascara, glitter, etc.), gently brush them through with a clean lash comb or Spoolie. Still got some stragglers? Gently use tweezers to clean up the last of the glue.
  • Keep your lashes cozy in their original box or let them hang with their friends in the Lash Book.