Conjure a Halloween look quick with these step-by-step tutorials.

3 Halloween Makeup Ideas For Spooky Season

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From easy to artistry, let’s get a little spooky and a little sexy with these looks.

October is the time to really showcase your spooky Halloween makeup ideas – whether it’s goth vibes all year round or an unleashing of your inner self come the 31st, Morphe has got you covered. We know exactly how to satisfy those looking for easy Halloween makeup just as much as the pros looking to impress.

We’ve pulled the top spooky girl trends from the past year and recreated them so you can too. Whether you want something quick yet creepy or all-out ghoulie glam, your simple Halloween makeup is sure to slay.

Happy spooky season!

Make each man think today might be their last with this spider lash look that’s pure poison. Scary Halloween makeup can still be hot when paired with a femme fatale costume and black bob wig.

1. Create the perfect wing for your eye shape by looking straight forward face on in the mirror with eyes open while drawing the wing with the Make It Big Brush-Tip Liquid Liner.
2. Use your bottom water line as a guide for the direction of the wing and draw it as if you were extending the line upwards.
3. Create your inner corner with a similar technique but following the upper lash line this time, and extending it with liner, using the shape of the tip of the felt tip liner will help you with creating a sharp wing.
4. Draw straight lines outward in a fan like shape to create the base of the web.
5. Create U-shaped lines connecting the base lines together to create the webbing.
6. Finish with lashes or Make It Big Volumizing Mascara then lock your black widow look in with Continuous Setting Mist.

Were you as obsessed with a certain spooky girlie named after a day of the week as we were? Manifest your own dark magic with this black vinyl lip. Dismembered hand not included. Medium to easy Halloween makeup unlocked.

1. Start by prepping the face with Continuous Prep & Set Mist.
2. Brush brows down to get a thin shape with the Micro Brow Pencil in shade Java, then use Supreme Brow Sculpting & Shape Wax in Clear to set in place.
3. Create base and contour with Filter Effect Foundation to give your bone structure a more hollow look and apply with Vegan Pro Blending Sponge. Set with Bake & Set Translucent Setting Powder.
4. Stick to cooler toned colors when doing the eyes for a more "dead" like appearance. We used the Morphe x Meredith Duxbury 35-Pan Artistry Palette for this look.
5. Use a darker shade under the eyes to give the illusion of bags.
6. Make sure to take a fluffy brush and blend eyeshadow on top and bottom to make it diffused with no harsh lines.
7. Add freckles to enhance the skin like appearance with the Micro Brow Pencil.
8. Create a berry or mauve lip with Soulmatte Velvet Lip Mousse in shade Wifey.

Haunt everyone who has ever wronged you with this scary Halloween makeup look. This ghost may haunt you, but she’ll do it in full glam.

1. Prep for skin with Continuous Prep & Set Mist.
2. Apply a light base of Filter Effect Foundation to even skin tone. Set with Bake & Set Translucent Setting Powder.
3. Use a Micro Brow Pencil in shade Latte to outline the overall shape of your skull and teeth.
4. Use eyeshadow from the Morphe x Meredith Duxbury 35-Pan Artistry Palette on a thin flat brush to start adding depth to your lines.
5. Use Make It Big Brush-Tip Liquid Liner to all harsh dark lines to outline the bones.
6. Use a bright neon shade from the palette to add a pop within the look.
7. Use a light shade of Filter Effect Concealer and a flat round brush to sharpen out the teeth, set with powder.
8. Add shading on each tooth with a small eyeshadow brush.
9. Use Color Pencil in shade Dark Room to darken the waterline + and lash line.
10. Apply Soulmatte Hydra Fill Gel Liner in shade Honey and fill in lips.
11. Add any last details (stones/studs/gems) to your look are you’re all set.

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